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Yomacama is a company with a strong relationship with many telecom providers. 

the company was founded in 2004 by Emanuel Dabah who worked as Engineering and Operation Director in GVT and after was a precident of TDN Networks in RS. 

the company invoices during the last 18 years around 100M dollars. 

a strong relationship with the Government especially in the south of Brazil (RS, PR, and SC) 


Yomacama also is a provider and integrator company of innovative solutions for Telecommunications and IT markets, specializing in project management, maintenance, integration, and professional technical support services.


We also provide consulting services for bids and help companies sell equipment in Brasil located in Canoas/RS and Curitiba/PR cities in Brazil.



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Whatever you need for your successful business in Brazil

Produtos e Serviços / Products and Services
  • Cyber Security Services

  • ​Data Capacity Optimization

  • ​GPS Tracking Systems

  • Consulting Services

  • Project Management

  • Professional Support Services

  • Logistic Services

  • Global Proxy Services

  • Software Development

  • Electronic Lab Services

  • Serviços de Segurança Cibernética

  • ​Otimização de Capacidade de Dados

  • ​Sistemas de Rastreamento GPS

  • Serviços de Consultoria

  • Gerenciamento de Projetos

  • Serviços de Suporte Profissional 

  • Serviços de Logística

  • Serviços de Proxy Global

  • Desenvolvimento de Software

  • Serviços de Laboratório de Eletrônica

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